“I AM SO HUNGRY” – Entrees


JACKFRUIT Nature's delicious CANDY! I love this alien fruit!! SO GOOD I finally found some at the store... I should have bought more!! For those who haven't had it, it tastes like fruity bubblegum - the best kind!! If you haven't eaten jackfruit before, put it on your bucket list!!  GEEZ, I could live off of this delicious fruit forever! So much nutrition AND deliciousness in only one fruit! Jackfruit never fails to impress me!Nature’s delicious and magical CANDY!

Who else loves this alien fruit that tastes like fruity bubblegum? If you haven’t eaten jackfruit before, put it on your bucket list!! This fruit is extremely versatile. Make Mu Shu Jackfruit Lettuce Wraps,  Barbecue Pulled Jackfruit Tacos, Jackfruit BLT Sliders, Jackfruit Enchiladas, and more! So much nutrition AND deliciousness in only one fruit! Jackfruit never fails to impress.

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Green Protein Bowl

“But Vegans don’t eat enough protein!!” ~ Ha ha ha.

This bowl of goodness is perfect after a long workout or a tiring day of work and school. One of the most popular questions vegans are asked by meat eaters is: “How do you get enough protein!?”… I smile and chuckle every time someone asks me that question. Thankfully, protein isn’t only in meat; it’s in almost every food. It is difficult for vegans to be deficient in protein, as long as they are aware of and smart about the foods they are eating.

I encourage my daily intake of food to consist of plenty healthy carbs, enough protein, and very little fat. If you feel deprived of something, listen to your body. Some days, I just feel like I need something more substantial than a honey crisp apple, lettuce, banana, mango, etc.!  This dinner really hit the spot after an enjoyable workout with some power, hatha, & vinyasa yoga and a tiring session of stair climbing!  This recipe is so simple, comforting and delicious! Continue reading

Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

Eat the Rainbow!

Do YOU know the power of fruits and veggies?

“Eat your fruits and veggies” or “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” are two sayings that we heard at least twice every week when growing up as a kid. Most meat eaters will stare at their plate and contemplate if they want to eat a gigantic, juicy Honeycrisp Apple or not… Not many are aware or educated about the reason WHY fruits and vegetables are so good for you. Living in a country like the U.S., it makes sense. There’s a McDonalds on nearly every street. I hope this gives you an extra reason to go buy more fruits and veggies instead of a BigMac. Your body, mind, and soul will love you! The benefits of fruits and veggies are endless.

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Vegan Stew for Two!


Stew for TwoWarning: It’s SO delicious!!

This stew is Heaven in a bowl. The salty broth, succulent tofu, slightly crunchy carrots & celery, and jasmine rice. This dish is savory.  So addicting. So mesmerizing. So filling. So healthy. SO GOOD!!! This rich, warm stew is filled with so many delicious flavors, you will be taken away on a journey of pure bliss.

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