Creative Food Art!

Snack time!!  Did you guys know that YOU are my top priorities?  Shhhh, don't tell my teachers at school ;) I always get so excited to come home and whip up something for y'all to see. I am ready and excited to graduate and get that diploma!  A couple months left! It should be here in a jiffy! I'm living in the moment, but the future looks great.  Too pumped for the adventures ahead.  "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." - Buddha ..... Gotta work on that second one ;)Let’s get creative and fancy in the kitchen!

Did you know that making art is a stress reliever? I often find that I make my most creative platters before a big exam. Read on to find out more! :) Do you know the other benefits to creativity? Being creative with food is even more fun because you can eat your creations after taking the photo – YUM! :) Learn why I encourage people to get creative in the kitchen!


Thankfully, there isn’t a manual to being an artist, and there isn’t a manual for being alive. Obstacles and challenges throughout life are inevitable. However, when we make creativity a habit, we continue to learn new, resourceful ways of solving problems in our artwork, and in life. Allowing yourself to think outside the box can benefit you in more way than you probably think.


When we create, we connect to other people doing the same and an instant sense of community is formed. Whether we’re exchanging ideas, providing feedback for our peers, or simply creating next to eachother in silence, the sense of connection experienced as artists is undeniable and deeply rewarding.


Expressing ourselves can control the urge to buy impulsively. If we trade the activity of consuming for creating, we not only save money, but get a deeper sense of fulfillment. Additionally, the more we learn how to make things ourselves, the less we need to spend money on buying them.


Countless artists have discussed the experience of timelessness that one encounters in the creative zone. Time feels limitless when we are in the creative ‘zone.’ Strangely enough, when we give ourselves time to creative pursuits, we gain time. Who couldn’t use the feeling of more time?


Creativity is the route to authenticity. As we create, we plumb the depths of our being, accessing what we think and believe. The more we create, the more we discover  and realize our habits, impulses, and desires. When we take the time and energy to develop our own ideas, we respect our inner nature and are better able to express ourselves to the world on a regular basis.


There is no right or wrong way to be an artist. When we create, we are given the opportunity to engage with the world without judging ourselves. We have permission to take risks, try new things, and strip away inhibitions in a healthy way.


I have discovered that I often create my best food displays when I am stressed. This is because making art is meditative. I use it as a way to release any negative, stressful feelings I have bottled up inside. Taking the time to use our hands, minds, and energy doing something we love is of uptmost importance in life. Being creative makes us happy. Art is FUN, and doing anything that brings joy reduces our stress levels and improves our quality of life. What could be more important than that? :)

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