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Watermelon Cake

WHO WANTS SOME CAKE?  IT IS SO DELICIOUS!! Vegan. Raw. Gluten, Soy, Salt, and Nut Free. Low Fat & no preservatives. So healthy & good for you! This cake is perfect for all special occasions!  I added nuts for decoration!  I had WAY too much fun making this beauty ️I may or may not have decided to make this cake than to go to a college preview and tour! BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT! Sorry not sorry   I hope you guys are enjoying your beautiful day/night!  Would you eat this?

Who wants some cake?

If you’re looking at this cake and thinking that I’m crazy, you’re not alone. My family had many doubts, but I think I proved to them that watermelon cake is AMAZING. Here is a step-by-step guide with tips to make a watermelon cake like the one above. Perfect for parties, family birthdays, any watermelon lover, and all fruit addicts. You may be surprised at how delicious and easy it is to make this! You don’t have to wait for the cake to bake, which is an added plus. Since I wanted to make my cake perfect, it took me a total of one hour. If your cake isn’t as big as mine, you could easily make this in 30 minutes. WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? Let’s make some watermelon cake!!

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