Tropical Rainbow Icecream Bowl!







Of course you are! This Tropical Rainbow Icecream Bowl will make any day (or night) extra bright and happy.  The swirling scents of tropical fruits brings me back to summer days. Now it is your time to create this bundle of goodness. Perfect for desserts, a snack, parties, summer, and impressing your family and friends with your ninja cooking skills. 100% Vegan and Healthy! All you need is bananas, your favorite fruits, nuts (optional), oats (optional), and the ingredients to make the chocolate sauce… mmmmmm! Recipe for the chocolate sauce is revealed down below. Are you prepared to make something EPIC?

The great thing about vegan nice-cream is that ANYONE can make it! You just need to have a high speed blender (for the ice-cream) and a heating source (for the chocolate sauce). What are we waiting for? It’s time for ICECREAM!

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TIP: Feel free to use your favorite fruits. I decided to make it a rainbow, and I had these fruits easily available to me. Use what is available to you and what you can afford… I’m sure it will still be delicious!!

Banana Ice-cream: Check out my step by step guide here! :) It includes all that you need to know about making banana ice-cream.

Strawberries – Yum!

Raspberries – Double Yum!



Pineapple – Surfs Up!

Kiwi – Am I in Hawaii yet?

Blueberries – BLOOOOBS!

Blackberries – Love them!

Steel Cut Oats – Adds a little texture to this yummy treat!

Almonds – Yummmmo!

Incredible “chocolate” sauce!! (Read below)


How to make the chocolate sauce!


Coconut Oil

Carob Powder –  (Pure Carob – Try to make sure there are no added ingredients)

Cocao Powder – (Same with the Cacao ^)

Tip: I buy my Carob and Cacao Powder in bulk because I love it so much.


– Heat the coconut oil in the microwaveable bowl for around 30 seconds.

– Add two tablespoons of carob and one tablespoon of cacao powder to the melted coconut oil.

– Heat the coconut oil with the powders for 15 more seconds.

Tip: The chocolate sauce will be hot!

Tip: I advise making the chocolate sauce after your ice-cream is made!

When you pour the chocolate over the ice-cream, the chocolate hardens… IT IS SO GOOD! AHHH!! I love how it tastes with the fruit. The hardened chocolate takes care of any sweet tooth cravings. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!


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